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Mortgage Life Insurance Companies

May 24th, 2009 3 comments

Mortgage life insurance protection plans are not actively advertised by major insurance companies although they provide some kind of mortgage protection or life insurance. One of the reasons for this is that the companies probably want to simplify their offerings. They offer the coverage mortgage protection plans through their term life or whole life policies instead of directly marketing mortgage protection insurance plans to the consumers. MLINS09©

If you are unsure what kind of mortgage protection you need, please refer to mortgage protection insurance which helps you understand different kinds of insurance policies available to you. First, decide what kind of insurance policy you need, instead of contacting the insurance agent directly. Some commission based agents may push sell you the plans that you may not be optimal to your situation. If you are unable to decide, you can at least get knowledgeable about all plans and ask the right questions when you contact the insurance agent.

As always, do your due diligence before you buy the policy. It is a good idea to buy the coverage from a reputed company even though it costs little more. Compare rates, get price quotes and make sure you check BBB ratings before you write a check. Finally, ensure your living will is updated with this policy information.

Mortgage Life Insurance Company Choices

Here is a list of major insurance companies that offer specialized mortgage life insurance plans. This is just a starter if you are not sure where to go and is not meant to be an exclusive list of mortgage insurance companies.

State Farm

state farm insurance
State Farm is one of the leading insurance providers in US and Canada. Founded in 1922, the company now offers life insurance, auto insurance, and banking services. State Farm’s 17,700 agents and 68,600 employees serve 81 million policies and accounts – more than 78.7 million auto, fire, life and health policies in the United States and Canada, and more than 1.9 million bank accounts. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company is the parent of the State Farm family of companies. State Farm is ranked No. 31 on the Fortune 500 list of largest companies.


Nation wide Insurance
Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, focusing on domestic property and casualty insurance, life insurance and retirement savings, asset management and strategic investments. The Nationwide family includes many affiliate companies covering life insurance, financial services, property and casualty insurance and asset management.

Over the last 80 years, Nationwide has grown from a small mutual auto insurer owned by policyholders to one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, with more than $135 billion in statutory assets.

All State

All State Mortgage Life Insurance
The Allstate Corporation is the largest publicly held personal lines insurer in the United States. Allstate sells 13 major lines of insurance, including auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and commercial insurance. Allstate also offers retirement and investment products, and banking services. Its advertising campaign is centered around its “Your Choice Auto” product, which offers accident forgiveness and lower deductibles.

NAA Life

NAA Life Mortgage Life Insurance
NAA life is not an insurance company, instead it provides you assistance with buying insurance. They represent number of insurance companies and financial products, not limiting you to a single company’s products. NAA Life offers financial products that will service your needs and are cost effective. NAA Life –